OPI External Oil Pump Kit


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This is a complete kit that is designed for a black top 1.8/2.0 Zetec engine, but will also fit 1.6/1.8/2.0 silver top engines if they are fitted with the 1.8/2.0 black top 2 piece style sump.

So why the need for an external oil pump kit on a Zetec I hear you ask?

As can be seen in the pictures when passing around the 430/440 hp mark the standard oil pump impeller has a tendency to shatter!

This opinion will differ from person to person, but this is what we have found even with the billet gear kits, but considering how much damage an oil pump failure causes, is it really worth the risk?

With this kit you will get an external oil pump that bolts to the standard black top style sump and unlike complex dry sump kits, with external oil tanks etc, it will still store the oil in the standard sump.

The pump will scavenge oil from the sump and feed it back into the engine via the oil filter location using the supplied sandwich plate in the kit.

The pump itself is driven off the nose of the crank shaft pulley by a supplied belt that is tensioned via a sliding mount that the pump sits on.

All the fittings and pipes that are needed to fit this kit and get it up and running on a Zetec engine are included.

You will need to remove the standard impeller from the original oil pump and refit the case as it houses the crank shaft oil seal (a few bolts).

We have fitted this kit to a few cars now including our own MK1 Focus RS. We also plan on fitting one to our drag car and getting rid of the problematic Pace dry sump kit we are currently using.

Any questions please ask.

We recommend this is fitted and set up by a professional as the oil pressure its self will need to be set up once installed.


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