Ford Focus RS Mk1 & Zetec 2.0 16v Turbo PEC Forged Piston Kit


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After years of market research and actual product testing in conjunction with several well respected tuning companies, PEC at last launches a new breed of piston on too the European market.

One of the things missing from the European aftermarket industry, is a mass produced piston range that is engineered for the end users needs. Using the last decade’s of experience, PEC are confident they have developed a range of pistons to suit almost every possible need.

Why are PEC pistons so good? Well the answer is simple. Most mass market piston manufacturers will rely on online data and a single customer’s feedback when creating a piston, often without taking into account things like the average age of an engine, the correct cylinder head chamber volume, the correct gasket thickness. All this can be calculated, but it is never 100% correct….. until now.

This piston will give the following C/R’s on all 2.0 Zetec engines assuming unskimmed cylinder heads.

Gasket Silver top Black top (inc. FRS)
0.7mm 7.6:1 8.0:1
1.0mm 7.5:1 7.8:1
1.3mm 7.4:1 7.7:1
1.6mm 7.2:1 7.5:1

Further information:

  • Engine Type: Focus RS Mk1
  • Zetec Turbo >98 Silver top
  • Zetec Turbo 98> Black top
  • OE Bore Size 84.80mm
  • Bore Sizes Available
  • 85.00mm – 1997.42cc
  • 85.50mm – 2020.99cc
  • Stroke 88mm
  • Dome/Bowl Volume +20cc
  • Pec Comp. Ratio Focus RS Mk1 – 8.0:1
  • OE Comp. Ratio Focus RS Mk1 – 8.0:1
  • Comp. Height 32.3mm
  • Valves Per Cylinder: 4
  • Cylinders: 4

Additional information

Piston size

85mm, 85.5mm


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