MaxxECU 52mm CAN Display


Includes VAT & UK Postage


Standard 52mm (1.5 inch) round instrument (like VDO displays)

OLED display.


  • 8 different displays
  • Choice of up to 33 permanently defined sensors
  • up to 6 sensors per display
  • 8 types of display
  • 4 analog inputs at no extra charge
  • Shift light optional
  • Supports MaxxECU default CAN
  • RPM, TPS, MAP, Ign Ang, Inj Time, FuelD, Boost, Lambda, EMAP, Fuel Pressure, Lambda Correction, Baro, Battery, IAT, CLT, Oil Temp, Ethanol, Gear, Speed, EGT1-8, Oil Pressure.


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